You are scolded for not seeking help or reaching out when you have a mental illness, but you become “an attention seeker” or “melodramatic” when you try to speak about them.

My life



Officially giving up on life until it get my results on Thursday, hence me lying in bed staring at my ceiling (at My room)

Custom making pedal springs because you snapped the original, spring steel works better than carbon anyway #steelisreal #cycling

Machining work is fun. Top-cap weighs in at just under 5 grams, original weight was double that. #weightweeny #machining #cycling


Tony Martin, aka Panzerwagen, the world’s best time triallist.

also the man with one of the nicest smiles.

This man is not only one of the nicest, yet also one of the most determined men in cycling. He’s not only won the World Time Trial Championships three times, and the National Time Trial Championships four times, yet has won 4 stages in Grand Tours, and 9 stage races including the Tour of Belgium and Paris-Nice.

Here’s more of him doing what he does best:

Did you know; A rollers session isn’t a real rollers session until your base layer looks like you’ve been entered in a wet t-shirt contest.

Ordering a 140mm -17 degree stem on a whim and because you have your mums debit card…